Inspired Spirits

Abhyuthan Foundation is a public charitable trust established under the Indian Trusts Act 1882. It was orchestrated with a mission of providing best-in-class technologies to individuals and organizations involved in doing social good.

The foundation focuses on three domains –

  • Providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) support. The foundation provides non-profit, social enterprises and the government with state-of-the-art technologies in ICT. These include software, hosting services, hardware, implementation support and training.
  • Providing consultation. The foundation provides organizations with consulting services for ICT and process re-engineering.
  • Research and development. The foundation is an avid proponent of research. It conducts research in the following fields –
    • Software design methodologies for sub-urban and rural target groups.
    • System optimization for making systems work with frail infrastructure.
    • Opportunities and implementation strategies for IoT (Internet of Things).
    • Use of Astrology in medicine.
    • Human resource management in purview of astrology.

At the Abhyuthan Foundation, it is our constant endeavor to bring the latest and the best of technologies to people who need them the most but cannot pay for them.