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Abhyuthan foundation provides state-of-the-art software & ICT services to Social Organizations & the Government.
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Our services

The Suit of Services Provided To Social Organizations

Web Based Software

State-of-the-art software which puts Social Organization at par with the best in the world

Mobile Apps

Best in class mobile apps for field level workers & decision makers.

Process Consultation

Profound advice which leads to increased efficiency by better utilization of resources which are often scarce.

Fund Raising

Specialized fund raising support for fueling true philanthropy.


The Abhyuthan Foundation has constantly been involved in research and development. The foundation is an avid proponent of research. It conducts research in the following fields –

  • Software design methodologies for sub-urban and rural target groups.
  • System optimization for making systems work with frail infrastructure.
  • Opportunities and implementation strategies for IoT (Internet of Things).
  • Use of Astrology in medicine.
  • Human resource management in purview of astrology.


Be an intern at one of the most happing interdisciplinary social organization that provides opportunities to work in 32 different social disciplines.
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Be a Volunteer

Volunteering at the Abhyuthan Foundation is one of the most unique experiences one can ever get. As the foundation works with a host of organizations relating to a wide variety of social domains, volunteering here becomes a matter of choice. One may pick up a task to volunteers, join and existing activity, sit at home and help intellectually or come up with one’s own innovative idea.

All volunteers at the foundation are awarded certificates for their efforts. All such certificates are verifiable on foundation’s website. This feature make using the certificate for employment or other purposes, far more convenient and effective.

Profiles of all volunteers is also made available (if consented by the volunteer). The volunteer may use this profile and share it through social media and other methods.

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